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The People Development Professional

"Dr. Tursich's workshop was fun and engaging while providing real insight into the material."

Jennifer Silvey CABM, Business Manager PLACE architecture.

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Dr. Tom went from working in the trenches fighting tooth decay to now fighting truth decay. From working in a dental cavity to now working in a mental cavity.

Do you want employees, staff and managers who:

  • can overcome fear of failure and fear of change
  • learn effective goal-implementation skills
  • develop self-management skills
  • take responsibility
  • love serving customers
  • possess great attitudes and are motivated
  • show up excited about work on time

Dr. Tom Tursich Specializes in workplace attitude training and life lessons and is an expert at developing Human Capital in your workplace.

"Thank you Dr. Tursich. What a heart you have to share your expertise with our community members."   

Byrdeen Warwood, Director, Adult Education Bozeman, Montana.

Contact Information


Address in Montana

7955 Apt. A Leverich Road
Bozeman, MT 59715

Address in Oregon

1366 A NE Market Drive
Fairview, OR 97024

Phone: 406 586-2580
Cell: 406 579-3400

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