homepagephoto03 Dr. Thomas Tursich
The People Development Professional


I have a heart to serve others. I want to assist them, both personally and professionally, in becoming successful, fulfilled and productive members of society. I desire to make an impact by adding value to others and always trying to lift them up.

I will demonstrate this by:

  • Leading the way personally and professionally.
  • Being committed to personal and professional development.
  • Teaching others to do what I have done.
  • Asking them to do only what I have done or are willing to do.
  • Showing them that their success is more important to me than my own success.

Contact Information


Address in Montana

7955 Apt. A Leverich Road
Bozeman, MT 59715

Address in Oregon

1366 A NE Market Drive
Fairview, OR 97024

Phone: 406 586-2580
Cell: 406 579-3400

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