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Dr. Tursich's workshop was fun and engaging while providing real insight into the material.

Jennifer Silvey CABM, Business Manager PLACE architecture.

Tom spoke at our general membership meeting last night, he was outstanding. Please forward his contact information on to the PNDC committee? I have included his brief bio as well as his email and website information. The unique thing about Tom is that he practiced dentistry for 31 years so he has a unique perspective on the importance of communication and the dental office.

Dr. Blake McKinley Endodontist

Tom Tursich's speaking talent is remarkable, but there is so much more -- his power, his sincerity, his story-telling, his intimacy with every listener, and the depth of his very human messages. Whenever I have the opportunity to hear Tom I sit back and wait to be inspired. I have never been disappointed. It has something to do with the very authentic person that he is.

Dorothy Bradley-Former Montana State Representative

We met at the SHRM lunch earlier this month in Kalispell. I had shared how one of your earlier presentations had inspired me to commit to a set of values prior to setting goals. I had attended the MT SHRM convention in Bozeman in the spring of 2007. The topic of your presentation was time management. The "nugget" I took away that day was the importance of writing out a value statement or set of values for my life. You emphasized the need to have these values prior to setting one's goals. On your prompting from that presentation I prioritized my values. By focusing on these values, I have been able to set and accomplish important goals over the past couple of years. I keep my values in a visible location in my car and at my desk at home, which provides a daily reminder. My original values have changed somewhat as I have achieved one of the major goals associated with the specific value of education. By utilizing these values I find it easier to formulate goals and action plans, instead of winging it as life goes by. Thanks for your words of wisdom,

Warren R. Dobler PHR Human Resource Manager

I want to thank you for starting our school year with the message Desperately seeking Balance. I agree all of us need to consciously seek balance in our lives. Your talk made us think, laugh, and actually work on a plan of how we could improve our lives by our own actions. You are very passionate about your presentation and it shows. I am happy you made the trip to Texas! Thank you,

Kathy Allen Superintendent of Schools

The course, Desperately Seeking Balance, by Tom Tursich, DDS, was well worth my time! In fact, I wish the 2 hour course would have been longer. The time flew by. Dr. Tursich made it fun. He is very knowledgeable and extremely capable of informing his audience on how to see what is important and then make the wanted changes in their lives. This course helped me focus on determining my values and how to take the steps to balance my personal and professional life. Dr. Tom Tursich was very entertaining and very good with audience participation. He made the meeting extremely relevant, fun and inspirational. Dr. Tom has the ability to entertain and teach at the same time. I highly recommend his course to others. You will not be disappointed. Sincerely,

Della J Fulk, RDH, CDA, MSEd

I did enjoy your presentation very much at the SHRM Conference held in Bozeman in May. Too often we all overlook the importance of balance in our life. Too often we think that all we need to do is work harder to attain our goals, when what we really need to is be content with ourselves and our achievements. Your presentation was very eye opening to emphasize the importance of life balance and the need to look for that within ourselves. I would hope that the younger generations listen to the message that you are conveying to help them live throughout their life having established life goals with a sense of balance and contentment. Thanks again Tom for the insight.

Marty Roos Human Resource Manager Department of Commerce

My sister just called me raving about your DESPERATELY SEEKING BALANCE workshop presented in Hot Springs, Arkansas."

Tanda Jolley Hooks ISD Director of Curriculum and Special Programs.

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